Bonavista Downs Community Association (BDCA)

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To support The City's Community and Neighbourhood Services initiatives, each area of Calgary has a Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator. This individual works with community organizations to support organizational development and recreation program development. They are responsible for assisting with the following:

  • Board development assistance

  • Facility development, maintenance and operations

  • Liaising with other City departments

  • Grants and funding

  • Lease and license of occupation

  • Information services

  • Program development

  • Program planning

  • Program implementation

Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator

Joan Barnett



Peter Demong


Our Community Partnerships and contact information are shown below.

A Community Resource Officer's (CRO) role is to be a liaison between the Calgary Police Service and the community associations, groups, agencies, and individuals in the community. They identify and resolve issues of concern to the community. CRO’s ensure consistent and effective service and provide a mechanism whereby citizens, businesses and community groups or agencies can readily obtain support and information.

Community Resource Officer

Bonavista Downs' Community Partnership with the Trico Centre entitles members to a discount on a wide variety of activities within their facility. Click below to visit the Trico Centre website learn more about member benefits.