Bonavista Downs Community Association (BDCA)

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President                             Gwen Bruvold 
Vice President                    Jeremiah Morrison
Treasurer                            Paul Vargis
Secretary                             Whitney Mason



Board of Directors


Even if you can only volunteer a few hours a month, we would love to have you. Visit the 'Contact Us' page and drop us a line, or come on out to our AGM and introduce yourself.


Bonavista Downs is a family friendly neighborhood, a hidden gem where people come to raise their families and stay, in a safe, small-town environment.


The Bonavista Downs Community Association (BDCA) provides the opportunity for members to participate in activities that stimulate, enhance and preserve community life.


Hall Rentals                             Gayle Matthies
Newsletter                                Betty Gilbert
Memberships                            Mercedes Jimenez
Social director                        Eleni Vargis
Trico Centre rep                      Lee Rankel
Recreation Director             Ryan Koleyak
garden committee                 Esther rojek
garden committee                 Lester rojek         Director at-large                  adam hill
Director at-large                  Jackie Boyle
Director at-large                  Alison miller